Although we are different, we are the same

About Us


Who We Are

Swirls for Girls is a diversity group based out of Los Angeles that brings girls of all flavors together to support and inspire each other through culturally diverse and interactive education, mentorship, friendship and activities.


Our Program

Swirls for Girls meets once a month for interactive educational presentations, community service or to hang out in sisterhood. Our primary goal is to  give girls a forum to talk to other girls with commonalities where they are encouraged to discuss their feelings associated with their perception of self image and to share experiences.


Our Girls

· Girls (ages 6 – 16) 

· Jr. Mentors (ages 13 – 16)

· Mentors (ages 17+)

Swirls Girls Conversation

Celebrating multi-culturism

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Check out our first Swirls Girls Conversation with Katrina Jo Balbuena, Sibley Scoles featuring Saweetie.

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Swirls for Girls

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